In the digital business world today, no official “business hours” exist anymore, as digital technology and artificial intelligence have enabled most brands to provide 24*7 service and sales online.

Any time assistance

You can provide assistance to customers anytime by enabling open communication channels at all hours, through web presence or even an automated response software that can inform customers about the actual (human)service hours, and meanwhile provide generic solutions or helpful links.

No waiting time

Customers will never need to wait to report issues or make enquiries, and this gives them hope and trust, and they will be more prepared make purchases or avail your services.

Increases sales as customers can buy anytime.

Sales can happen anytime – early morning, midnight, or any other hour! The business is never closed. And if the shop is open all the time – so will the cash flows be!

Gain customers’ loyalty – retain them and get positive feedbacks

By providing 24*7 service and assistance, you will be able to gain your customers’ loyalty, and not lose them quickly. You can even get many positive feedbacks that you can display on your site, and that could lead to more sales and recognition!

Geographic flexibility

Having a digital business enables you to serve customers anywhere in the world. This cuts off your geographical limitations and expands your reach and revenue.

Company reputation

Customers have gotten used to anytime service and shopping and they often expect their queries to be addressed right away, failing which they lose patience and good impression on a brand. So, this becomes a question of professionalism and reliability.

Hence it is necessary for businesses today to be able to provide 24*7 service (or at least something close), and that isn’t practicable without digital technology and transformation.