E-mail and Social Media Marketing

January 15, 2021

Both social media marketing and E-mail marketing are ways of marketing a brand digitally. While social media marketing refers to marketing your brand by creating accounts on social media like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram – and spreading information through these; E-Mail marketing refers to advertising the products and services of a company through e-mail campaigns.

Social Media Marketing – and why it can be beneficial to businessess

Social media is one of the most influential platforms today. Though initially supposed to have been introduced with the purpose of mainly connecting people with friends and relatives online, social media gradually proved to be a successful medium for endorsements and business networking as well.

Social media is a place where people spend a large amount of time each day. There is no denying that. This makes it possible for any business or brand to reach a large number of people within seconds of posting an anything – be it some information about a product, service or the brand itself.

This makes endorsing products much easier for businesses of any size or popularity, without having to spend a lot on commercial endorsements.

Hence many companies, especially start ups and mid-level ones have started creating social media profiles for their business in the past few years, started networking through these – and as a result , their businesses have flourished better than those which have not created social media profiles.

E-mail marketing – and what is it’s significance to businesses

Many people think e-mail marketing is dead, now that social media and other digital marketing trends are on the rise - but this is just a misconception. E-mail marketing is still going strong and can be highly beneficial to businesses.

Email marketing advertisements (campaigns) of businesses can communicate the features of their products or services in a brief but precise manner, encouraging customers to purchase them or inform them about special offers and deals.

E-mail marketing ads can easily incorporate sufficient messages to trigger the urge to purchase the item or to go for the service offered by the organization/business, and these can be sent to everyone who opts to register for the mails or messages from a brand or company. They can include a link to the business’s website, which will bring targeted traffic to the website – which will mostly consist of people who are interested in the product or service, because these people will click on the link only if they are interested to know more, and the messages in the email campaign note or image they receive will make sure to trigger this interest in maximum possible audience. And when interested people visit the website, the chances of purchases happening are often high – so this increases the sales for the brand or company.

Such e-mail campaigns and ads can be planned regularly – it can be bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly or even more than that, depending on the kind of products or services – and sent to the registered audiences, to keep them informed and updated about the products, services, and deals and offers. This will bring in more audiences, and keep them connected to your brand and also create a sense of trust. And this can be highly beneficial, adding to the company’s merit.

Out of these two marketing methods, we cannot exactly pick a winner, as that can be subjective…both of these can be advantageous to your business in many ways…and there is nothing to stop you from using both these methods. Which is why most business (websites) today have email campaigns as well as social media accounts – if one of these isn’t successful or consistent in driving the sales, the other might!

The bottom line is – digital marketing – both social media and e-mail, is immensely favourable to your business in more ways than one.