Benefits of 24X7 customer service for your business

September 25, 2020

Being able to provide service 24 hours, and 7 days of a week – literally meaning anytime service, is a valuable characteristic to have for any company or brand, as this can heavily drive business. This is because of many reasons, like –

1. Issuescan get solvedquickly and immediately

Most customers simplydon’t like to wait too long for a problem to be solved. And if your business deals with products or services whose problems cannot wait until the next day to be fixed, this is even more applicable. If you’ve got a customer service team available at all hours of the day, you’ll be able to offer a better and faster solution than your competition.

Many online platforms offer a “chat” service where the customers are asked to enter their problem and depending on the issue, an AI robot can be set to reply and if the customers need to discuss in more detail, they can be connected with a representative from the service team.

2. You’ll have happier customers

Naturally, if you’re able to help customers immediately, rather than after many hours or days, they’re more likely to be happier with you and even be more favourably inclined towards your company.

Customer satisfaction is the most important factor in profitability, and more so if yourbrand or company is not so big or popular yet, so the more impressive and prompt your customer service is, the better it is for the success of your business. It has been customers are more likely to stay with a business that helps them immediately.

A business that invests in a 24/7 customer service line is demonstrating that they want to truly look after their customers. That they’re committed to helping them as soon as they can. This show of commitment will earn your company a positive reputation within your market, especially if you’re an early adopter of the service.

3. Enables you to have geographical flexibility

Being available for customers 24X7 means being able to cover a timeline if countries all over the world. So, this means customers from any part of the world can get their issues solved instantly, and such a characteristic is invaluable to business. Clients on the other side of the world will be happier toknow that they can call you for assistance on their own convenience and schedule, rather than yours; and will be more prepared to go for your products or services.

4. You won’t lose business

Obviously, the chances of losing business or clients become very thin if you have a 24X7 service, because no client will go back without getting a response from your side – be it for a product or service enquiry from a new customer or some issue with the product or service to be resolved, for an existing customer. As your team is always available to receive customers at all times, it is highly unlikely that you will lose business that way, unlike businesses that work only within a specified timeframe on specific days of the week.

Hence, if you are able to invest in creating a platform or platforms through which you can enable a 24*7 service to customers, it will add to your brand valueand can considerably benefit your business.