Building digital collaboration within organizations

December 25, 2020

“Collaboration” is a group of people of an organization coming together to contribute their expertise-based opinions, solutions and ideas for the benefit of a shared objective or project. For any team within an organization, collaboration between team members is essential for a smooth working process and maximum productivity.

Digital collaboration means collaborating and working to get all work done using technology and digital devices like apps, tools, software, processes and procedures and so on. Digitalization of an organization’s processes helps in improving digital team interaction, especially among the geographically scattered team members.

Digitalization means making all the processes in an organization digital, that is - possible through digital tools.

Tools like email, Skype, and now Zoom and Google Meet have made it really effortless for teams and individuals to communicate with each other at any point in time, via text, audio or even video. There are many such software tools that can be used to carry out discussions, accompanied by screen sharing and video chat. So, no matter where the team members of an organization’s team(s) are in the world, a continuous and smooth workflow is maintained by digital collaboration and helps team members have real, meaningful interactions.

These digital tools provide the organization’s employees with the capacity and flexibility to work from anywhere with required efficiency. Especially with mobile versions of these platforms available for easier communication and collaboration, employees can be in the loop anytime – especially in case of project emergencies this is a huge advantage for companies that go digital.

Another issue people encountered with at work is finding certain files when needed – as all the important work files and documents are usually scattered over different platforms like E-mail attachments, PC folders, USB sticks, Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, and so on, it is not always simple to fish out the right file when needed. A digital work platform can provide a central location for all files, documents, weblinks, and other media related to a project, employee(s) or project in the organization. This makes sure everyone gets immediate access to the right files and content at the right time. 

Hence, it is highly advisable for every organization today to build digital collaboration and employ a specialized digital collaboration platform for their employees to work on, as these provide a one-stop-solution for employers and employees to communicate, work, and share files and data digitally, and so, decisions can be taken much quickly and work is done faster and more efficiently.

When all the people related to the organization are always in the loop, being up-to-date on what’s happening in every stage of a project and have the tools in place to get in touch with the team at any time, employees have more space and time to brainstorm and thought into what improvements can be made, how work can be enhanced and so on and employers can think about ways to move the business forward.