In a growing digital first world your brand needs to have the right strategy, persona, engagement and infrastructure. Our plan provides a comprehensive digital first approach with a cost-effective annual budget to support your business and brand growth.

Digital first - Your way to brand growth

Indiamap Digital

Is a technology and digital solutions company delivering a range of technologies, products and services to businesses and non-profits across India. We work with organizations from small businesses to large enterprises offering personalized support, world-class solutions and complete customer commitment. Indiamap Digital is an ideal partner for Digital Transformation because of our diverse experience in business, processes, interfaces, data and technologies and our unique method of blending them for impact and returns. Indiamap Digital makes it easier for organizations to define their Digital Transformation strategy and implement it with technologies, methods, tools and change management.


Our expertise spans technology, marketing and business processes. Our team brings together a wealth of experience working with organizations in different countries worldwide, spanning different industries and domains, spread across many functional areas including operations, marketing, sales, manufacturing, construction and services.

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Indiamap has worked closely with thousands of organizations of varying sizes, structures and geographical spread in India and abroad. We have engaged with these customers to formulate strategy, architect solutions, design interfaces, implement software and support technologies. We have spent time in learning about these businesses and their specific dynamics, the types of solutions that are most appropriate and beneficial and the sequence of implementation that can achieve success and economic returns.

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Indiamap is led by a team of experienced professionals, each with global expertise in working with companies across different industries and functional areas. Our team members are professionals with specialized expertise and diverse experience in technology, digital, marketing, solutions, communications and Ecommerce.


Indiamap has a diverse pool of multi-discipline talent from technology, business, creative and people focused specialties. Our people bring in the leadership, innovation and commitment to create solutions and deliver implementations for our customers.


We work with a wide range of technologies including web, mobile, cloud, ecommerce and social media. Our team works with a variety of development platforms, browsers, operating systems, databases and application interfaces.

Indiamap team is able to work with APIs, create custom software, manage databases and analytics, integrate systems and data, implement specific technologies and resolve a diverse range of technology challenges and requirements.

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Indiamap Cloud infrastructure provides a secure, robust and scalable digital platform to enable customer organizations, interactions and processes. Indiamap has built this technologically advanced infrastructure platform with redundancy, security, robustness and scalability to enable us to handle requirements and loads or varying sizes and complexities. Our Cloud infrastructure is optimized and ready to deploy. We provide a cost-effective and reliable platform to implement and operate digital technologies and solutions.

The robustness and expandability of our infrastructure enables customers to begin at any scale and expand as the business grows. This provides a sustainable and reliable support framework for digital transformation and growth initiatives.


Indiamap has customers across India and abroad. Our customers are businesses and non-profits working in different industries and business areas including manufacturers, constructors, service providers, distributors, retailers, technology vendors, agencies, startups and social organizations.

Indiamap customers are technology oriented, growth-driven businesses and non-profits who understand the power of digital transformation in ensuring a sustainable, growth oriented and competitive trajectory in fulfilling their vision.


Indiamap has partnered with leading technology vendors worldwide and has is also closely associated with the development and implementation of technology and marketing solutions.

We represent and bring for our customers several world-class solutions that can enable digital transformation and deliver excellent business benefits. These include Dialogue, iEvolve, Magento UbiDocs, PowerView, Oasis, WordPress, PageWyze and CloudFyl. We bring these solutions with implementation support in a simple and affordable way for our customers.


Indiamap invests in learning, research and development of technologies, products and solutions with a dedicated focus. We have created many innovative technologies and algorithms and applied these in our products and solutions.


Indiamap network of offices and people is spread over several cities across India and is rapidly growing. Our Business Managers and Customer Associates are always available to provide you with assistance for your Digital Transformation. In a digital world we connect with our customers through email, messaging, online meetings and video conferences for engaging conversations and support resolution.


Indiamap has strong commitment to customer success and well-being. Our team is focused on finding and implementing solutions for specific business and organization requirements. We engage with our customers, understand the dynamics of their business and processes and recommend solutions that are relevant and appropriate for them.

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Indiamap has a team of technology and digital specialists who have wide experience in various technology and application domains and can provide the expertise and support for specific requirements. Our team is available for interaction and discussion over email, messaging and online meetings for quick and efficient resolution.

Digital Brand Transformation

  • Website

    New contemporary visual design and layout to suit business and audience profile...

  • Blog

    Share your expertise, knowledge and experience with customers...

  • Content

    One researched article per month for your blog or email newsletter...

  • SEO

    On-page SEO review and updatesto the website Regular off-page submissions...

  • Promotion

    Get the advantage of Indiamap network promotion for your business...

  • Webinars

    Digital Transformation Webinars every month Access from your laptop,...

  • Hosting

    Complete website hosting with website and content management system...

  • Email

    Your own branded emails with high performance Emails with POP3 access ...

  • Domain Name

    2 domain names, 1 international and 1 Indian Direct both domain ...


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Indiamap Digital Brand Transformation

Investment: 100,000

Monthly Subscription (after 13 months): 7500

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100,000 gets you 12+1 months of services and support for your Brand Digital Transformation.

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