is the increasingly preferred choice for consumers and business buyers. An integrated Ecommerce strategy and technology platform will deliver significant benefits and enhanced value. Our plan provides the strategy, platform, support and expertise to leverage Ecommerce for sales growth and business value.

Strategy, Platform & Support for your Ecommerce


Ongoing Support &

We provide a complete Store Management System to maintain and update your product catalogue, set pricing, updating stock inventory, receive and manage orders and their fulfilment. Detailed reports also enable you to understand your sales performance and work on improvements.

Our team of web developers, content writers, visual designers and SEO marketers are available on apps, messaging, email and online meetings to provide technical support to your team for the website, content and SEO. We will also schedule webinars to keep your team abreast of techniques and ways to manage technical tasks.

Our team will work closely in coordination with your marketing and sales teams to promote and guide Digital Transformation in your organization. We will conduct webinars and provide guidance and support to your team so they are also able to get familiar with Digital and use these in their work and coordination.

Our content team will be available to interact with your marketing team to guide them on the type of content that is needed for the blog, social media and email engagement. We will also have regular webinars in which our content specialists will provide guidance and techniques to improve the reach and impact of the content and promote your brand. Additionally our team will create one content item for your blog which will be well researched and on a topic of interest to your website visitors.

We have a regular schedule of webinars that will be conducted by subject matter experts on a wide range of topics in Digital Transformation, Digital Marketing, Ecommerce, Websites, Social Media and other topics that will enable your team to be familiar and better equipped to coordinate and manage the digital operations of your business.

Indiamap has a large network of customers across India who are in various businesses and industries. We regularly engage with these customers and communicate with them regularly. We have planned promotions to our network and these will enable our customers to share their areas of expertise, products and services with a targeted audience.

Indiamap Digital is creating learning content to enable your team and you to learn about brand marketing, digital transformation and ways that you can expand your marketing reach, create visibility, improve conversions and sales, engage your customers, and become more efficient and scalable in your operations.

Our cloud infrastructure provides the technology and infrastructure support for your website, store, blog and emails. Our infrastructure team monitors and provides administration and operations support for high performance and reliability.

Our account managers will prepare and send you progress reports every month listing traffic on the website, transactions and sales on the store, blog updates, progress on the content and SEO, and ways that your brand can be further enhanced and promoted to a wider target audience.


Please give a missed call to +912249558099 for a call back. Our Sales team will send you the required details.

Invest in your Business

Indiamap Digital Ecommerce Transformation

Investment: 100,000

Monthly Subscription (after 13 months): 6250

(*GST Additional, Terms & Conditions apply)

100,000 gets you 12+1 months of services and support for your Ecommerce Digital Transformation.

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