E-Commerce, or electronic commerce or internet commerce websites refer to business websites that facilitate online trading of products and services, and the transfer of money and data to execute these transactions over the internet.

Benefits of having an E-commerce website for your business


Businesses that have their own e-commerce site can run their entire business through it, by executing all the transaction tasks online.

24*7 Availability online

Your customers can visit your store and make purchases at all times. As more and more people are choosing to shop online, it provides a more convenient and flexible experience. 


As and when your business grows, and you decide to grow your product or services range and target customer base, an ecommerce site lets you scale your business accordingly, allowing you to easily add more options where you need to.


Any kind of product(s) can be sold through an e-commerce store, and it often suits every budget.

Types of e-commerce stores that can be created for business

Depending on the type of products or services your business provides, the e-commerce store for your business can be of any of these types:

  • Retail: Retail e-commerce stores facilitate the sale of product(s) manufactured by a business directly to a customer without any intermediary.
  • Drop shipping: Stores that facilitate sale of products which are manufactured and shipped to the consumer by a third party.
  • Wholesale: Stores that facilitate the sale of products in bulk, mostly to a retailer who may later sell them directly to consumers.
  • Subscriptions: These are mostly retail or wholesale stores which facilitate recurring purchase of specific product(s) regularly until the subscriber opts to cancel.
  • Services: Stores that enable booking or ordering of a required skilled service or set of services in exchange for compensation. Like plumbing, beautician services, and different repairs.