Enterprise Document Management

November 20, 2020

Enterprise document management (EDM) is a strategy for arranging a company or organization's electronic documents such that they can be easily retrieved in the when needed. If you are part of an organization or business, you will know that though this might sound like a simple task –it isn’t! Managing documents and retrieving the right ones in times of need becomes really difficult, especially in situations like when documents not used in months may suddenly be needed.

Document management has been associated with electronic documents that were created on a computer or paper documents that were scanned into a digital format. But now this has broadened to include email, images, internal-facing documents like company memos and external documents like marketing and sales-related content.

To implement Enterprise Document Management, a Document Management System (DMS) is required – it is a set of procedures and principles used to store, manage and track documents. Such systems are commonly referred to as Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS).

An Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) is a software service that lets users Create, Store, Manage, Index, Protect, Retrieve and Organize different kinds of documents online.

EDMS addresses concerns such as the following –

An EDMS enables a company or organization to have a clear plan for its document management processes. Organizations can make use of an EDM plan or strategy to decide how to receive, process, review, store, retrieve and dispose of documents related to the business, as well as when each of these steps should be done. The EDM strategy will help determine how the business should adjust the process to increase efficiency in work flow for maximum benefit.

An enterprise can use a document management system to create a single, clear view of all its documents and provide necessary resources to monitor and control the required modifications. An EDMS enables businesses to capture a document by either scanning the physical document or downloading the digital version.

Security can also be enhanced using access rights, passwords, backups, and offsite storage. To prevent unauthorized access and ensure physical safety, electronic documents can be secured through a system of access rights and password requirements, while physical safety is ensured through using security measures, such as fire-alarm systems, barred windows, security cameras, etc. for paper documents, and regular backup/separate storage of the backup for electronic documents.

All these advantages can be gained by employing a good EDMS plan/strategy and implementing it in the right manner. Our EDMS plan will offer a solution to your business’s document management issues, and deliver value and help increase the efficiency and overall worth of your business/organization.