Everything you need to know about B2B E- commerce

January 1, 2021

B2B E-Commerce is short for Business-to-Business electronic commerce. As the name suggests, B2B E-commerce involves online transactions (sales, purchases) between 2 parties - which are both businesses. If a company or business organization vends products or services to another business (company, organization or brand), through an online medium, then it can be said that these 2 businesses are taking part in a B2B E-commerce transaction.

This is different from a B2C E-commerce, which is for Business-to-Consumer transactions online, where businesses sell products online to customers who buy these for their personal use or purpose. These include purchases in single or smaller quantities, suitable to the needs of customers. B2B transactions on the other hand include bigger purchases and transactions – as these are between 2 businesses, and hence are generally done on a larger scale as compared to B2C.

With B2C, a business selling the products or services to consumer mainly focuses on products that immediately satisfy the consumers’ exact requirement. This collaboration is simple and is about the vendor party (business) providing the consumer with what they need.

But with B2B, the exchange is more professional and the bond between the partaking parties (businesses) is supposed to be longer and stronger. Two businesses that decide to collaborate through B2B essentially work to help each other succeed through the alliance.

More and more businesses today are opting to congregate online as it is more convenient and also opens up the possibilities for 2 businesses from any corners of the world to collaborate and do business with ease.

An online business strategy also has many other benefits, like

It is important to invest in a good B2B e-Commerce solution that provides your business the level of efficiency that it requires to operate in full capacity. Also, as and when your business grows further, it is important that the Ecommerce product platform doesn’t become bulky due to the updates and make your operations slower – and there are various companies and products offering a commendable solution that lets your business continue operating digitally with full efficiency after it has been scaled.