How E-commerce Analytics helps Businesses

November 6, 2020

Analyticsis the science of analysing data or reports in order to make conclusions about that information. Data analytics can significantly help a website optimize its performance – and this is a useful feature to have especially for business websites.

E-commerce stores are online platforms which are used to sell a business or brand’s products on the web. And e-commerce analytics is the process of gathering data from all areas that affectthe functioning and success of the online store of a business or brand, and analysing this data to understand the patterns and the shift in the site visitors’ behaviour to make data-driven decisions so that the e-commerce store can drive more and more online sales.

It is essentially a type of customer analysis process that includes gathering information such as –

These are a few examples – but these arenot constant and need to keep changing according to requirements. This can include of a wide range of metrics related to the full customer journey from discovery, to acquisition, to conversion, and finally to retention and advocacy. These can help business owners or e-commerce site owners better understand and enhance the performance of their e-commercebusiness.

Analytics can also help analyse the rate ofmobile adoption, i.e., how many people prefer to use the mobile app or the mobile version of a store – by looking from device to device because site visitors tend to interact in different ways with the content on each device. This information can be useful for businesses aiming to create an optimal and more personalised experience.

Understanding and analysing information related to customers and their behaviour through analytics requires diving into these metrics - looking at the information gathered with respect to different areas of the business, analysing, asking questions and getting the answers.

Google analytics is one of the most popular options available-It’s free, easy to use and also has a free demo that Google provides, through which the tool can be tried before purchasing it. But apart from this there are also many packages that can be used to create a good ecommerce experience which also come with their own analytics tools.

If you arean e-commerce business/site owner who does not have the necessary experience or knowledge at your expense to decide what is best for your store and business – there is no need to fret, because this is more common than you’d think.That is the reason why there are many good agencies and services with significant experience and extensive industry knowledge, that are engaged in helpingbusinesses understand the dynamicity of market needs and analytics decisions.

Your e-commerce business can highly benefit from investing in such a service - as it will provide an increased ability to enhance your data capturing capacities; and help you in getting to know your audience better, understand their preferences, so that you can start doing more of what works, and stop doing the things that clearly do not work.