How companies can be more productive working from home

February 26, 2021

Amidst the COVID-19 crisis today – the lockdowns, quarantines, social distancing and safety measures being enforced in the world, working from home has become an obligation for many. As a safety precaution, most companies have been asking all their employees work from home as advised, and been trying to remain productive through this mess.

How has working from home been helpful to increase productivity and better work results?

Generally, going to the workplace involves travel or commute. This can take from 30 mins to an hour for most people, and sometimes more or lesser than that. It also will usually involve one or more of the following - getting ready by a specific time, dressing up, preparing and having breakfast, packing lunch and/or snacks, and catching the bus/train if not driving (car or 2-wheeler) themselves to work.

But when working from home, the time that employees usually spend in the aforementioned tasks is automatically saved and can instead be re-invested in office work if needed. Adding these extra minutes or hours to work will benefit the organization. Also, people can go about tending to daily tasks at home at any time convenient to them. And if required these employees will also be willing to put in few extra minutes before or after work hours, to wrap up a task that is almost done, without having to push it to the next day.

According to reports, organizations have definitely benefitted from this work home culture, because for their employees, working from home provides a flexibility that allows them do work more efficiently while tending to personal tasks. They can, for example, work while looking after their family and home, and be able to spend more time with family members too. In such cases, they are less anxious and in a higher state of calm that lets them be more productive while working too. And this is definitely a plus!

Being at home also helps people focus on their tasks without having to go through the usual workplace obligations like exchanging greetings and pleasantries with co-workers, having lunch together – which for many takes up a lot more time than is required to eat lunch, as many casual conversations happen during lunch time. On the other hand, when at home, people usually eat more quickly as they don’t have to go through these.

How can you as a company have your employees be most productive at work, while working from home with Dialogue?

Efficient coordination is crucial between all members in the teams within an organization to be able to work easily and be productive. Internal communication is the glue that essentially holds an organization together; and it is important for organizations to invest in creating and establishing an effective working process that can help maintain the same level of productivity for as long as you might need your employees to function without physically being present in the office location.

Many companies have a set of online tools that all their employees use to collaborate and work with. One such tools which can help your organization enable efficient working from home is Dialogue.

Dialogue is a tool that lets you send messages, files to co-workers or friends and family. It is a secure and confidential application, especially designed for working companies and lets you create communities and groups for personalised messaging within the company and between team members in different teams.

To increase productivity, it is important to make sure you are sending personalised information to each of your employees – so that they receive a message that has all the information relevant to their work, and nothing more or less.

It is difficult to achieve this without a good collaboration tool that helps employees coordinate easily. You can download Dialogue for all your devices and easily collaborate and work with your team, from any location, through this link -