Preparing your Organization for Digital Transformation

July 23, 2021

Digital transformation has gradually been impacting the way in which businesses and organizations work – from almost all processes being manual, now many processes are becoming digital. Digital Transformation essentially involves the integration of technology in every functional area of business – that is, all major processes that help run the organization will have to become technical.

Organizations are now scurrying to get onboard the digital transformation wagon, so as to not get left behind by theircompetitorsand to be able to give the best service to customers so customers would prefer their brand.

So, is your organisation ready for digital transformation? 

To begin digital transformation for your organization or company, you willrequire a well-planned approach with a holistic framework that takes into account technology, processes, and people of the organization, because this event will not only changethe operational process of your company, but also largely impacts the company’s culture.

If you are not equipped with the expertise needed for this, you can hire digital transformation consultant companies who can work with you as partners through your organization’s digitalization process. These digital consultants or digital transformation partners will first work to understand your business, carefully considering technology goals and budgets. They will then suggest solutions and assist with implementation of your decisions for digital transformation.

At the outset, business analysis is crucial. Your digital transformation partner also will tell you the same, because this can give you an idea of where your business is in the competitive market and helprealize the digital requirements that can solve your problems and increase working efficiency. Which of the company’s processes should you innovate and transform first? Should you focus more on customer care and relations or production? You (or your team) need to be asked these and many similar questions first, and with the answers that are gathered, you can be sure when to kick-start your digital transformation plan and prepare your company for it.

After conducting this business analysis, you and your digital transformation partner(s) will be able to decide of which technology to transform and how to do it step by step. This way you can gradually implement the technologies needed to transform the planned processes one by one, without spending vast amounts of money at once. 

Another critical step in digital transformation is enhancing your employees’ knowledge in relation to this. Since these are the people who will be working on and need to adapt to the changesbrought about by the digital transformation, they are obviously the ones that will primarily influence the overall efficiency of the company. If they do not understand the changes or be able to efficiently perform tasks using the changed processes and technologies, the whole digital transformation will be pointless.

So, all employees need to be informed on what is going to happen in the future and why it is necessary, and they need to understand hoe it is going to work.For this, training programmes can be organisedwith the help of digital transformation partners, and they can be given a specific timeframe which will allow them to get used to the new technology and methods.

It is predicted that digital transformation will come sooner or later for every business in the next 2-3 years, and this is a good thing. So it advisable to be prepared for it, work with experienced digital transformation consultants, be equipped to convince your customers that your brand/company is great at what it does or offers, by showing them how you can fulfil their needs with style and efficiency. This way you can gain a competitive advantage in the market, and this requires a lot of planning so the sooner you get on board this wagon, the better it will be for your business.