Why food businesses should invest in their own online business platform

February 19, 2021

The demand for online food ordering and delivering has significantly gone up, along with the number of internet users. People find online ordering very efficient as it saves them the time of going to a restaurant to get food themselves.

If there exists an option wherein through just a few clicks on your mobile or device, you can get food ordered and delivered to your doorstep – wouldn’t you simply love it, especially on busy or exhausting days? Applications like Swiggy, Zomato, Uber Eats, etc do provide this service that gets food from your favourite places delivered home. But, if simply collaborating with such services to provide an online ordering and delivery feature can do the trick, why do many food brands invest in their own online platform?

Many food brands and restaurants (irrespective of whether or not they collaborate with third part food-delivery apps for online orders and deliveries) also have their own websites, and most of them have enabled online ordering and delivery of their food products through these too. This is because having their own online business platform lets these brands provide a more personalised service with customization options added.

Not just that - having an online service and platform helps food brands, especially new or lesser-known ones to quickly become familiar with a wider audience. A personal business website has the capacity to increase the reach and recognition of a food brand, which in turn adds to the success of its business.

If you own a food brand or restaurant, and looking to expand business or customer base, you need to know this - by making online food delivery and ordering facilities available to your customers, you are letting them know in a subtle way that you are a contemporary restaurant or brand and want your food and/or services to be accessible to all your customers in every possible way. And by having your own website or platform online, you additionally send across the message that you are an authentic (food) brand that can be trusted.

With your own online platform (website) you have the option to showcase your brand in the best light possible and add all the information you need to, without having to cut down. You can let your site visitors know in detail about your history, cuisine or food products that you offer, the practices you follow (for example – hygiene or health related, information on the ingredients you use, how you source them and so on), contact information, locations you are at, and pictures of your food or restaurant (or kitchen). This gives you the control to present your brand in the way you want, and let you tell the story you want to tell your audience.

These days people have the tendency to simply search online for any brand they want to purchase from – yes, even if it is “just food”! If you are a local brand, this can help your business to a great extent too. There are times when people from other cities might be looking for good eats within your city, if new to it. And your website can help them find you! The information you put online about your brand could bring you customers from far or near and can be the prime factor in deciding if someone will or will not purchase from you.

Hence, the bottom line is that if you are a food brand or restaurant, it will be highly beneficial for your business, to invest in an online platform and will certainly prove to be well worth the investment – of your time, money and energy.